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Our Approach:

We maximize the value to deliver business solutions to Artist and creators worldwide.



Put your music out when and how you want it. Pitch support to the various DSPs , radio, physical CDs and vinyl to traditional record stores  keeping the most of your revenue


We would love become your partner providing you with everything you need to grow your label from distribution to A&R, marketing ,Copyright Protection and touring.


At AGE we assists you in collecting all your publishing income,we seek and close out sync opportunities ,Performing rights ,Mechanical rights and place you in recording sessions that help you advance more. You own your own.


Our Team of experts  provide specialized service for marketing  music via digital marketing, radio, television and Press. maintains great relationships with all the major players and  help develop sales and playlist strategies for song releases.

Elevate your career with the help of our experts

Gain insights about your audiences and fans.

At AGE We Provide The Much Needed Specially Services Designed For Label Services .

Independent distribution and label services for your next music release,We also partner with only  a select group of artists

Ready to get started?

Our will give you the best  label services & marketing solution and we are always ready  to support the most promising independent artists & labels. Not only do we provide completely free distribution to ALL stores locally and globally including physical distribution, Merch ,etc  our dedicated teams will manage your account on a personal level, delivering on high quality marketing campaigns for your release because we love to see you succeed.